Bukkit SignUtils v1.0.0

Minecraft Version(s)
1.7, 1.8, 1.9, 1.10, 1.11, 1.12, 1.13, 1.14, 1.15
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Please Note: This plugin is very limited right now and only has the feature of player group checking, the idea of this plugin is to be built off of user requested utility signs.
This plugin was built with the idea of being a multi-purpose plugin and the layout is designed to where a utility can be added to a sign as well as executed through a plugin command. A utility is to be defined as an action that can be bound to an in-game sign which allows SignUtils to perform that action upon interacting with the sign. The first example that this plugin was built around is determining the player's involved group(s) at the click of a sign. This also gives the option to see their own group(s) using a command or you can see another player group(s) by specifying their name. If you wish to have a feature implemented please request a feature on Github and if you want to say thanks the best way is to support us by donating.

You can use this plugin with PlaceholderAPI to allow the in-game modifications of your specified item to implement your specified placeholders. As well as Vault, which will allow the use of the rank utility for signs, so players will be able to see their involved group(s).

SignUtils is unique because of the core utilities that are designed to make up this plugin. These utilities are added by the plugin developer and if there is a utility that you wish to have added, simply request it as a feature. Currently, a plugin does not exist which allows a user to simply click a sign to find out what groups they are involved in. SignUtils can be looked at as similar to a ServerSigns plugin, however, SignUtils is built to incorporate utilities into signs, rather than only commands. Currently, the only available utility is the rank utility which allows the user to see what groups they are in, however, more will be added as they are requested. SignUtils was built around the idea of having an always-active developer which keeps the plugin up-to-date and incorporates new features that add new utilities which can be added to signs.​

  • Supports Minecraft v1.7 - v1.14.
  • Players can know what group they are in with the click of a sign.
  • Players can know what group they are in with the use of a command.
  • Configurable lines of group listings and player listing.
  • Toggle on/off automatic plugin updates.
  • Supports PlaceholderAPI, see the valid placeholders.

All you have to do to use the Rank Utility Sign is to type [Rank] as shown in the image below on the first line of the sign. The first line can include color codes as these will not be noticed by SignUtils as it will only look for the visible text. The other lines of the sign can be left blank and in the event that they are, SignUtils will automatically auto-fill the default text shown below. If you use your own text on any of the following lines, then SignUtils will not auto-fill.

Notice: A requirement to create this sign is to have Vault enabled in the config.yml and installed on the server.

The Rank Utility Sign will let the player know what group(s) they are involved in by right clicking the sign and the /signutils rank or /signutils rank <player> command will perform the same action.

More Information and Additional Utility Signs can be found here;

You can either use /SignUtils to execute a command.
      description: Displays a menu giving credit to the creator and the help menu command.
      permission: signutils.use
      usage: |
   signutils help:
      description: Displays the plugin help menu.
      permission: signutils.use
      usage: |
          /signutils help
   signutils reload:
      description: Reloads the plugin configuration files.
      permission: signutils.reload
      usage: |
          /signutils reload
   signutils rank:
      description: Sends the executor their rank information.
      permission: signutils.rank
      usage: |
          /signutils rank
   signutils rank <player>:
      description: Sends the executor the specified players rank information.
      permission: signutils.rank.others
      usage: |
          /signutils rank <player>
   signutils updates:
      description: Checks to see if there is an update available for the plugin.
      permission: signutils.updates
      usage: |
          /signutils updates
   signutils autoupdate:
      description: Checks if an update exists for the plugin, then installs the latest version for you.
      permission: signutils.autoupdate
      usage: |
          /signutils autoupdate

Please note; permissions are case sensitive!
      description: Allows use of all commands.
      default: false
          signutils.all: true
      description: Allows use of all commands.
      default: false
          signutils.use: true
          signutils.reload: true
          signutils.updates: true
          signutils.autoupdate: true
          signutils.rank: true
          signutils.rank.others: true
          signutils.create: true
      description: Allows the use of basic plugin commands.
      default: true
      description: Allows the use of the reload command.
      default: false
      description: Allows the user to use the rank command.
      default: false
      description: Allows the user to use the rank <player> command.
      default: false
      description: Allows the use of the updates command.
      default: false
      description: Allows the use of the autoupdate command.
      default: false
      description: Allows the user to create custom signutils signs.
      default: false

If you want more detailed, better-explained commands and permissions click here.​

Does SignUtils support placeholders?
  • Yes, SignUtils has few placeholders by default but you can hook SignUtils with PlaceholderAPI for ultimate placeholders! Just set PlaceholderAPI to true in the config.yml
Does SignUtils have any dependencies?
  • SignUtils has ZERO required dependencies but there are some optional ones that can make your experience much better!
  • You can learn more about these API / Hooks by clicking the link here;
    • Vault - This currently allows the use of the rank utility so players can see their involved group(s).
    • PlaceholderAPI - You can use all of these placeholders on any part of SignUtils! There is no real limitation to what is passed through PlaceholderAPI, including groups.
    • BetterNick - If items for some reason end up breaking and you use this plugin, setting this to true could resolve issues with items not working properly. This allows SignUtils to easily find your original player name and UUID if you are nicknamed using BetterNick.
More Information on SignUtils can be found here;

Please Pm me with feature requests! I will always look them over and get back to you.
Crossed Out requests means that they have been completed.
  • Add the ability to edit existing signs.

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Please do not post issues or bugs in the review! Please report a bug first and wait for the developer's response!
If you have any issues, the reviews are not the place to report them! Try opening a bug report.
If you want a feature that SignUtils is missing, try requesting a feature!
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