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  1. RockinChaos

    Bukkit ItemJoin - Hotfixes

    ItemJoin-v5.0.5-RELEASE Notice: Please see the previous changes from v5.0.4 as these are massive changes that are worth quickly reading: Changelog Fixed: Resolved a bug with the PlayerInteractEvent when performing a physical action...
  2. RockinChaos

    Bukkit ItemJoin - In-Game GUI Creator, Bug Fixes, New Features

    I would like to apologize for this update taking so long. The snapshot branch has been getting some-what frequent updates but I wanted to make sure that everything was as fleshed out as possible and bug-free before I pushed out such a massive update. Hopefully, the introduction of the new GUI...
  3. RockinChaos

    "Study! School is most important. Then beer. Then MC." - SlimeDog

    "Study! School is most important. Then beer. Then MC." - SlimeDog
  4. RockinChaos

    Bukkit SignUtils v1.0.0

    Donations: This plugin was built with the idea of being a multi-purpose plugin and the layout is designed to where a utility can be added to a sign as well as executed through a plugin command. A utility is to be defined as an action that can be bound to an...
  5. RockinChaos

    Bukkit ItemJoin v5.0.5

    This plugin grants the ability to give highly custom items to players upon join, respawn, world-switch, region-enter, region-exit, first-join, and first-world. This is a multi-purpose plugin for giving items to players on a hub server, minigame servers, or even competitive servers such as...